Jae Eon Yu - Jeong-Woo Lee: Exploring the management of social enterprise from systemic perspective: the application of Deleuze’s Theory of Assemblage

"In this paper, we wish to evaluate a ‘soft’ systems approach to ‘action learning’ that takes place in exploring the management of social enterprise in Korea. To do so, we appreciate and present Deleuze’ s theory of an assemblage in order to explore social complexity as researchers rethink the value of participatory action learning through the process of problematization. It allows participants to be ‘critical thinkers’ on the given situations. To be critical thinkers, what is important for the process of action learning and research is not so on what is true of ‘scientific knowledge’ being appreciated, but it is on our thought and learning to what the ‘narrative knowledge’ produces in particular, local contexts. In this sense, we reappreciate the value of a ‘soft’ kind of systems approach from the poststructuralist thought of Gilles Deleuze."
Key words: action learning, social enterprise soft systems approach, Deleuze’s theory of an assemblage.