Beyond Spinoza - Exploring the Presence of Early Modern Philosophy in Contemporary Thought

Location - Beyond Spinoza will be held in room 137a, Richard Hoggart Building, Goldsmiths, New Cross, London, SE14 6NW. Please see www.gold.ac.uk/media/campus-map.pdf

6-8pm Tuesday 12th July 2011:
Introduction: Matthew Dennis (Co-organiser) ’The Contemporary Renaissance of Early Modern philosophy’
Cesare Casarino (Minnesota) ‘The Expression of Time: Deleuze, Spinoza, Cinema’
Charlotte Knox-Williams (Winchester) ‘The Studio Transformed: The Expanded Monad as a Model for the Studio in Practice-based Research’
6-8pm Tuesday 19th July 2011:
Guillaume Collett (Kent) ‘Deleuze and Spinoza: from Expressionism in Philosophy: Spinoza to The Logic of Sense
Robin Dunford (Exeter) ‘Assemblage Theory and ‘Emergentic Spinozism’
6-8pm Tuesday 26th July 2011:
Simon O’Sullivan (Goldsmiths) ‘The Care of the Self versus the Ethics of Desire (or, Spinoza between Lacan and Foucault)’
Assunta Ruocco (Goldsmiths) ‘Monad and Multitude’
Concluding remarks: Nicole Osborne (Co-organiser) ‘Spinoza and Contemporary Practice’

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