27.10.2011 - Charles J. Stivale - Gilles Deleuze: Key Concepts (Acumen Publishing; Paperback, second edition re-visited)

Publication Date: 27 Oct 2011
Gilles Deleuze is now regarded as one of the most radical philosophers of the twentieth century. His work is hugely influential across a range of subjects, from philosophy and literature to art, architecture and cultural studies. Gilles Deleuze: Key Concepts brings together leading specialists from a variety of different disciplines to introduce the central concepts in Gilles Deleuze's work. The concepts Deleuze employs in his writings are key to understanding his philosophical approach: they work to unsettle particular bodies of knowledge, to open them up, and to link them to other concepts within and outside those bodies of knowledge. These short and accessible chapters each focus on a single concept and explain what the concept is and what it does. Among the concepts examined are assemblage, the fold, difference and repetition, cinema and desire. The contributors consider how the concepts engage, intersect, and link, and how they relate to other areas of postmodern thought.
Gilles Deleuze: Key Concepts is aimed at a readership coming to Deleuze for the first time both from within philosophy and from outside the discipline. It offers an invaluable guide to reading Deleuze's challenging and important body of work.
Charles J. Stivale is Distinguished Professor of French at Wayne State University, Detroit.

Introduction Charles J. Stivale
Part I: Philosophies
1. Force Kenneth Surin
2. Expression Gregg Lambert
3. Difference, repetition Melissa McMahon
4. Desire Eugene W. Holland
Part II: Encounters
5. Sense, series Judith L. Poxon & Charles J. Stivale6. Event, James Williams
7. Assemblage J. Macgregor Wise
8. Micropolitics Karen Houle
9. Becoming-woman Patty Sotirin
10. The Minor Ronald Bogue
11. Style, stutter Christa Albrecht-Crane
12. Logic of Sensation Jennifer Daryl Slack
13. Cinema: movement-image-recognition-time Felicity J. Colman
Part III: Folds
14. From affection to soul Gregory J. Seigworth
15. Folds and folding Tom Conley
16. Critical, clinical Daniel W. Smith17. Philosophy, Gregory Flaxman
Chronology of Gilles Deleuze

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