Alex Taek-Gwang Lee - Deleuze and the Non-West: Deleuze Studies Volume 5: 2011 (Edinburgh University Press, Uk, November 2011)

Deleuze and the Non-West: Deleuze Studies Volume 5: 2011 


Volume 5
November, 2011 
Paper96 pages, 
ISBN: 978-0-7486-4195-6
Edinburgh University Press
Edited by Alex Taek-Gwang Lee
Is Deleuze a Western philosopher? If Deleuzian thought belongs to the tradition of western philosophy, in what sense does the non-West regard Deleuze as a philosopher? Philosophy is equal anywhere on earth. Since Descartes’ ‘discovery’ that the non-West could think, western philosophy could no longer ignore the presence of the non-West, a philosophical otherness in reality. This volume explores Deleuze and the non-West, and includes topics such as the non-Western plane of immanence; the non-Western reception of Deleuze; Deleuze as a philosopher of non-Western ethics; the translation of Deleuze into non-Western languages; geophilosophical studies of Deleuze; and Deleuzian concepts and non-Western philosophy.
Alex Taek-Gwang Lee is Associate Professor at Kyung Hee University