Colloquium -- Foucault/Deleuze: A Neo-Liberal Diagram

Colloquium -- Foucault/Deleuze: A Neo-Liberal Diagram

9 March 2012

Ryerson University, Rogers Communication Centre, room 202 (Location in Toronto, Canada) 
This colloquium brings together some of the most respected and promising scholars of Michel Foucault and Gilles Deleuze to discuss how their work has served to inform a diagrammatic critique of contemporary political economy, finance capital, and the possibilities for progressive social change. The colloquium will investigate how contemporary critics of neo-Liberalism (Stengers, Stiegler, Lazzarato, Bifo, Esposito, Marrazi and others) have developed new theoretical trajectories out of the seminal works and posthumously published interviews, essays, and lectures of Foucault and Deleuze.

Organizer: Greg Elmer, gelmer@ryerson.ca, hosted by the Infoscape Centre for the Study of Social Media, Ryerson University
Panel #1: Time, Speed, Affect (10am-12pm)
Jack Bratich (Rutgers U) “State-friended Social Media: Dissent, Futurepublics, and the Affective Transfer”
Fenwick McKelvey (Ryerson U.) “Rhythms, Flows, and Times: A Deleuzian approach to the transmission of Internet packets
Matt Tiessen (Ryerson U.) – High Frequency Trading

Panel #2Liberalism and its Discontents (1pm-3pm)
Robert Latham (York University & Infoscape research centre fellow) - "Circulation and Identity Across the Liberal Citadel."
Alessandra Renzi (Ryerson University) “Infrastructure Must be Defended”
Greg Elmer (Ryerson University)– “Liberalism and Coercion: A View from Bentham’s Panoptic Flat”
Panel #3:  Signatures (330pm-5:30pm)
Roberta Buiani (York University) - "Vital encounters: negotiating human interactions and online aesthetics"
Erika Biddle (York University) "Info Nymphos"
Gary Genosko (Lakehead University) "Special Semiotic Characters: What is an Obstacle Sign?"