DAVID LYNCH’S CRAZY CLOWN TIME (video & music by David Lynch)

One thing we have come to know and love about surrealist film’s favourite son, David Lynch is to expect the unexpected. Even if you twist it, throttle it and contort in into your strangest and weirdest fantasy, still the ‘Lynchian’ God will take it to the next level of noir-cray. Lynch’s latest venture, the video for the lead single from his debut solo album of the same name, Crazy Clown Time is no exception. While Lynch has collaborated with various artists including sonic soundscaper Dangermouse and experimented with sound design for some of his most influential works such as the creepily addictive Twin Peaks, this is his first completely solo musical effort. While the video for Crazy Clown Time, could easily be passed off as a demented satire of The Real World (as a band of outsiders indulge in a party with everything from fetishism to arson involved); we all know there is something other-conscious swirling in the endlessly brilliant brain, under that Internet meme lusted hair. While the track clunks and growls, the explicitly intriguing lyrics match the equally confronting images as an industrial noise soundtrack takes hold of the senses, something that Lynch is extremely familiar with invoking. Lynch divulged to Stereogum, “I think, when music finds a real nice home — a visual home — it’s like the whole is greater than the sum of the parts…I’m not a musician and I’m not a singer, but I play music and sing. It’s very strange.”