3D Animation by SP-projects @ Saks Fifth Avenue, New York, 2011

Sp-projects is in association with iris worldwide have produced another land mark and high profile monumental 3D mapped projection for Saks Fifth Avenue on their flagship store in New York. Sp-projects worked directly with the New York agency Iris to produce the 3d model along with the 3D animation, sound design and technical specification for the show. The spectacular show that went live on the 21st of November and will run throughout the holiday period -- making it the world's longest running outdoor projection of it's type. The challenge for the team was to not only to map the complicated graphics onto the building. But also to design and house six 20k Christie projectors supplied by Creative Technology for the duration of the show. This involved CT designing and building custom enclosures unique to this show environment that could withstand the extreme winter conditions of NYC. The team took one week leading up to the show to building and install the enclosures and on the roof of the building opposite. This included lining up the content to the building features and extensive testing of both audio and visual elements. A nice challenge for us this year was to use the 3d laser scan of the building to correct the geometry of the media so the animation looks correct from the viewer position. This method avoids warping around the features and adds to the spectacle by giving a more realistic, 3D look to the projection. The grand unveiling of the legendary Saks window display and Snowflake and Bubble 3d Projection show went off without a hitch and will play every night for 5 hours to millions of native new yorkers and tourists from around the world for a record 40 days. Steve Sadove, Chairman and CEO of Saks Fifth Avenue remarked, "The show is quite an undertaking, using state-of-the-art video technology to animate the entire Saks building. It, along with our windows will be a must-see for everyone spending the holiday season in New York." The show also reaffirms Saks ambition to lead the category in providing spectacular 'entertainment' for the holidays and continues to break new ground incorporating cutting edge creativity and technology.