Krisis | Orientation

Krisis is a publication that aims to provide a critical research in the fields of design, arts, communication and contemporary languages. The project is developed by Unità di Crisi, a research unit composed by communication designer, theorists and teachers, focused on the phenomenon of the global and permanent crisis. Its underlying aim is to suggest a reflection about different aspects of the permanent crisis and about the responsibilities which come from operating as designer, that is to say as the ones who shape things, both material and immaterial, within the contemporary scenario.

Krisis has adopted the form of an archive: in other words a folder containing contributions, projects, interviews, and research. In this way every issue acts as an archive for each individual emergency dealt with, in order to create an itinerary and a discussion between heterogeneous and multiform elements. The sense of this approach is to create new constellations of meanings, starting from a multitude of particular elements, in such a way as to offer new perspectives and interpretations. Krisis Magazine forthcoming issue is called Krisis | Orientation.

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