Deleuze and Ethics ( Deleuze Connections) - Nathan Jun and Daniel W. Smith - EUP, Uk, 2011

Concepts such as ethics, values, and normativity play a crucial – if subtle and easily overlooked – role in Deleuze’s overall philosophical project. The essays in this collection uncover and explore the ethical dimension of Deleuzian philosophy along diverse trajectories and, in so doing, endeavour to reclaim that philosophy as moral philosophy.

Ethics plays a crucial, if subtle, role in Gilles Deleuze's philosophical project. Michel Foucault claimed that Anti-Oedipus was "a book of ethics, the first books of ethics to be written in France in quite a long time". But what is the nature of the immanent ethics that is developed in Deleuze's thought ? How does it differ from previous conceptions of ethics ? And what paths does it open for future thought, given the ethical challenges facing humanity in so many domains ?

Each of the eleven essays in this collection explores the ethical dimension of Deleuze's thought along a new and singular trajectory, and in so doing, attempts to reclaim his philosophy as an ethical philosophy.


Introduction - Nathan Jun

1) Whistle while you work: Deleuze and the Spirit of Capitalism - Jeffrey Bell

2) The ethics of the event: Deleuze and Ethics without Arche - Levi R. Bryant

3) While remaining on the shore: Ethics in Deleuze's Encounter with Antonin Artaud - Laura Cull

4) Responsive Becoming: Ethics between Deleuze and Feminism - Erinn Cunniff Gilson

5) Deleuze, Values, and Normativity - Nathan Jun

6) Ethics and the World without Others - Eleanor Kaufman

7) Deleuze and the Question of Desire: Towards an Immanent Theory of Ethics - Daniel W. Smith

8) "Existing Not as a Subject But as a Work of Art": The Task of Ethics or Aesthetics? - Kenneth Surin

9) Deleuze, Ethics, Ethology, and Art - Anthony Uhlmann

10) Never too Late? On the Implications of Deleuze's Work on Death for a Deleuzian Moral Philosophy - James Williams

11) Ethics between Particularity and Universality - Audrone Zukauskaite

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