Electro Radical Alteration 1: Yuri Suzuki + Francesco Tacchini @ RCA Stevens Building, Thursday 28 Nov 2013

Electro Radical Alteration
A series of AV nights at the Royal College of Art

ERA# is an open platform for students and tutors with various backgrounds to experiment with sound and light in unconventional ways. It takes place when ready and takes the form of a collaborative audio-visual performance. The emphasis is mostly put on the idea of sharing specific knowledges and networking, by having a mixture of people collaborating on both the sonorous and visual aspects.

As the name suggests, Electro Radical Alteration focuses on the electronic intervention on sounds and visuals. Such melodic landscapes are built using rhythm as a structural element, bearing in mind that it is the difference, the alteration, the variation that is rhythmic, not the repetition, which nevertheless produces it. Following the idea of alterations there should be a theme or work-frame for the night, which changes every time.

The appointment should be preceded by a either a Vjing or Hackaton workshop that leads to the night itself, in order to look into any hardware, technique or software to be used on the live event. This sharing of specific knowledges fosters exchange of ideas and consequent synergies. There are no requirements but to collaborate towards an experimental night of sonorous and visual landscapes. 

Last but not least, the ERA acronym precedes a hashtag # to indicate open horizons and collaboration! Having said this, the first workshop was today (an introduction by Francesco Tacchini to vjing software VDMX)and the first Electro Radical Alteration is on Thursday night at 9pm, first floor of Stevens Building  — follow the white noise. ERA 1 is Yuri Suzuki, tutor in Design Product (AUDIO) and Francesco Tacchini, student in Information Experience Design (VISUAL).