Alexander Balanescu & Pippo Delbono - Amore e Carne - Carpi, Teatro Comunale 17.10.2011

A journey within music and poetry. 
Amore e Carne born from the meeting of two great artists: Alexander Balanescu and his violin by one side and Pippo Delbono and his voice by the other. The Romanian artist is a great musician, he is now a world’s citizen. He is the leader of his quartet and in this show he will meet verse by poets and high-brows of the past century such as Paolo Pasolini, Arthur Rimbaud, Walt Whitman and Thomas Stern Eliot, declaimed on stage by Delbono. 

This concert is my meeting with my violin, the violin my father used to play in the evening, when he came back home. The violin one day he sold. The violin I have not heard playing any more. The violin that belongs to an assumed family tie that I have with Nicolò Paganini. Devil’s violinist. When I heard Alexander Balanescu playing violin, I heard inside him that notes were coming out like soul’s screams. I heard again those notes that did not made me sleep when I was a child. And I heard inside him the poem of many other lives, of the pride of a people, the poem of a bitter-sweet land: Rumania. 
Voice and violin came closer mixing themselves with the words of Pasolini, Rimbaud, Whitman, Eliot to find those secret, maybe magic, wires which put together people and stories, despite all differences, beyond nations, beyond languages, beyond being here and alive, beyond being already passed away. Who knows, maybe music is that secret tale that gives harmony and links things together. 

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