SITE 31-32.2012: Remake Remodel

  • French Philosophy Since 1945, Fredrika Spindler
  • Universal Modernism, Swedish Art Heroine,Charlotte Bydler
  • “Pastoral Power” and the Techniques for Controlling the Poor and Unemployed, Maurizio Lazzarato
  • Inventing a Silence, Alexandre Costanzo
  • The Ground Zero Mosque That Wasn’t One: Media and Architecture in America, Joel McKim
Theme: Late Style
  • Who’s Afraid of Red, Blue and Yellow?, Sam Smiles
  • Water Lilies and the Gesture of Melancholy: On Monet’s Late Works, Bente Larsen
  • Adorno and the Problem of Late Style, Sven-Olov Wallenstein
Theme: Quality Education
  • Introduction, Karl Lydén & Kim West
  • Cogito Ergo Insurgo! The Italian University: Laboratory of Crisis and Critique, Sara R. Farris
  • On the Role of the University in the Age of Management Politics, Hans Ruin
  • The Multiple University and the Heroism of Forms: Variations on an Infinite Autonomy, Stéphane Douailler
  • Adventures in the Sausage Factory: A Cursory Overview of UK University Struggles, November 2010–2011, Danny Hayward
  • Dutch Austerity and Free Academies: An Interview With Katja Diefenbach, Karl Lydén