Zizek and Theology by Adam Kotsko - Continuum, Uk, 2008

Slavoj Žižek has been called an “academic rock star.” As public visibility of the Slovenian philosopher and psychoanalyst increases, so too does the depth of his engagement with Christian theology. Žižek’s recent work includes extended treatments of key Christian thinkers from Paul, Pascal, and Kierkegaard to G. K. Chesterton and C. S. Lewis, while Christology and other theological themes have provided crucial points of reference. Žižek has even said that “to become a true dialectical materialist, one should go through the Christian experience". 
But Žižek’s work on Christianity often overwhelms students of theology. To be sure, Žižek’s style of argumentation is unusual and his concepts are complex. But the more basic problem is that the work on Christianity is a further development of a broader intellectual project established in many thick volumes produced in the course of the 1990s. This book will bring students of theology up to speed on this broader intellectual project, with an eye toward what brings him to an explicit engagement with Christianity and how both his earlier and more recent works are relevant for theological reflection.
Table of Contents:
Introduction: A Materialist Theology? 
The Approach of This Book 

Chapter 1: Ideology Critique 
Ideology in Practice 
The Challenge of Cynicism 
Ideology and the big Other
The Stumbling Block of the Real
Keeping Enjoyment at Bay 
Liberal Democracy and Nationalism 

Chapter 2: Subjectivity and Ethics 
The Real as Sexual Difference 
The “Vanishing Mediator”
Fantasy and the Big Other
Diagnosing Ethics 
The Cure 

Chapter 3: The Christian Experience 
Prefiguring the Theological Turn 
A Politics of Truth 
The Reign of Perversion
Job and Judaism 
Cross and Collective 
Love Beyond the Law 

Chapter 4: Dialectical Materialism, or The Philosophy of Freedom 
What is Dialectical Materialism? 
Self-Consciousness as Short Circuit 
The Anti-Adaptive Animal
Theological Materialism 
The Politics of Refusal, or, Waiting on the Holy Spirit 

Chapter 5: Theological Responses 
An Inventory of Theological Themes 
Responses from Radical Orthodoxy 
Other Theological Responses 
Žižek’s “Method of Correlation” 
Žižek and Tradition 
Religionless Christianity and the Death of God 

Adam Kotsko is Visiting Assistant Professorof Religions at Kalamazoo College (USA). His current research interests include 20th century European philosophy and early Christian thought.