Nicholas Thoburn - Deleuze, Marx and Politics - Routledge, Uk, 2003

A critical and provocative exploration of the political, conceptual and cultural points of resonance between Deleuze's minor politics and Marx's critique of capitalist dynamics, engaging with Deleuze's missing work, The Grandeur of Marx.
This book explores the core categories of communism and capital in conjunction with a wealth of contemporary and historical political concepts and movements - from the lumpenproletariat and anarchism, to Italian autonomia and Antonio Negri, immaterial labour and the refusal of work. This book will serve as an introduction to Deleuze's politics and the contemporary vitality of Marx for students and will challenge scholars in the fields of social and political theory, sociology and cultural studies.
1. Introduction: The Grandeur of Marx
2. Minor Politics: The Styles of Cramped Creation
3. The Lumpenproletariat and the Proletarian Unnamable
4. The Social Factory: Machines-Work-Control

5. The Refusal of Work

6. Conclusion: The Strange Joy of Politics

Nicholas Thoburn teaches in the Department of Sociology at the University of Manchester

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