Joe Hughes - Philosophy After Deleuze - Continuum, Uk, 2012, Deleuze Encounters

Philosophy After Deleuze provides a concise and accessible introduction to Deleuze in relation to philosophical inquiry. The book shows how Deleuze's work contributes to contemporary debates in each of the major areas of philosophy: metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, aesthetics, and political philosophy. Joe Hughes also examines philosophical method from a Deleuzian perpective, aiming to explain and justify Deleuze's often complex and challenging use of language by placing it within a discussion of the ends and methods of philosophical inquiry. He goes on to examine each of the major fields of philosophy through Deleuze's key concepts, showing how Deleuze challenges, articulates and contributes to contemporary debates in a way that has practical applications for anyone doing philosophy today. The book concludes with a chapter on bio-ethics, a field of emerging importance in both philosophy and Deleuze Studies. This is the ideal introduction to Deleuze for any student of philosophy.

'Philosophy After Deleuze is a bold, wide-ranging and informative book. Joe Hughes affirms unequivocally that there is a Deleuzian philosophy and then shows us how to find it despite the many changes in subject matter and vocabulary that characterize Deleuze's work. He traces the outlines of a Deleuzean philosophy across key manifestations in the fields of ontology, ethics, aesthetics and politics. He provides insightful accounts of Deleuze's engagements with familiar interlocutors such as Kant, Spinoza, Bergson and Nietzsche, but also his less studied engagements with figures such as Blanchot, Klossowski and Hume. This book is essential reading for every serious student of Deleuze.' -- Paul Patton, Professor Of Philosophy At The University Of New South Wales, Australia

Introduction; 1. Philosophical Method: Transcendental Empiricism or Intuition as Method; 2. Metaphysics; Ontology: The One and the Multiple; 3. Epistemology: The Production of Truth; 4. Ethics: Counter-actualizing the Event; 5. Aesthetics; 6. Political Philosophy; 7. Bio-Ethics; Further Reading; Index.

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